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Pre-Opening Services at San Jose, California Hotel

The Hotel Pre-Opening Experts

Miramar Hospitality offers expert, professional management services from the pre-opening stages of construction to opening of the newly built hotel. It is vital for the developer or owner to establish a pre-opening agenda and execute those action items in a timely and efficient manner.

Services & Pre-Opening Package

As part of our pre-opening service package we will screen, hire, and train the best staff for the hotel and ensure all franchise requirements are met. We will develop and execute a sales and marketing strategy a minimum of six months prior to opening to generate as much business on the books. We will assume all responsibility for purchasing, furnishing, and decorating according to franchise specs. And Miramar Hospitality will work closely with the General Contractor to ensure the passing of all fire, safety, health, and pre-opening quality assurance inspections.
Miramar Hospitality will ensure upon opening that all hotel systems are operating as required and all departments are ready to deliver success.